Breslin Architects is a firm of architects and supporting staff founded in 1964 that provides architectural, programming, and master planning services. Our experience includes award winning planning and design of buildings on a regional and national basis. The firm’s practice is premised in the belief that architecture can enrich the lives of people. We respect tradition, culture, and strive to create order in the context of the environment in which we work. Our approach combines traditional materials and forms with leading edge technology to achieve ecologically sensitive solutions. We seek a natural economy-of-means in construction through order predicated on sensible construction methodology employing conservation and sustainable values. We consciously aim for simplicity in design and organization of building elements because it is our experience that “simplicity” leads to economy, efficiency, and improved performance.

For each project and each client, we focus on creating architecture of enduring value. This does not only reside in form, style, materials, or fashion. Rather, it is expressed in neighborliness and appropriateness to its surroundings and it fosters a quality of life that is enriched by awareness of location, natural light, comfort, security, and a sense of well-being. This is one of the reasons we enjoy a lengthening list of repeat clients.

At Breslin Architects, we are committed to architecture that is thoughtful, economical, and well designed.